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Park Nova — A bright rising star
A green enclave, rising above the city’s FREEHOLD land, promises a tenure of exclusive residence surrounded by the beauty of nature.
The Vertical Garden
Featuring its signature biophilic greeneries that encompass sunlit terraces, natural ventilation, and panoramic views of the city’s magnificent skyline, Park Nova breathes nature, bringing the charm of the outdoors into the comfort of home.


A leader in luxury hospitality and an expert in curating comfort, Shun Tak Holdings pioneers the concept of “smart new urban homes” by introducing nature into everyday city living. Imbued in a biophilic design philosophy specifically adapted to Singapore’s tropical climate, Park Nova stands as a living and breathing garden with thoughtfully designed outdoor spaces dedicated to every residence.

The bright and spacious kitchen is separated into two sections, complementing both eastern and western culinary styles. At the state-of-the-art dry kitchen, immerse in the art of gourmet cooking—from baking with loved ones to exploring fine dining at home with private chefs.


The wet kitchen, equipped with world-class appliances and consciously designed for heavy-duty cooking, allows residents to explore various culinary styles and cuisines.

The master bedroom, a private oasis revealing a tranquil world of nature, is the ultimate secret garden curated for you and your loved ones.

A haven for body and mind, the luxurious bathroom of Park Nova is designed to help you retreat from urban distractions, recharging yourself in your personal spa.