Grand Estate

Grand entrance
The grand entrance, defined by Park Nova’s natural glamour and sleek elegance, quietly embraces residents and guests into its exclusive urban enclave.

Sense of

The signature biophilic design of Park Nova unfolds from its grand lobby—the ground floor of the unique vertical garden. With sunlight and breeze naturally flowing through the meticulously curated space, the lofty and inviting space brims with nature’s energy.
Lap Pool
A 25-meter swimming pool dwells in the heart of Park Nova’s garden, promising residents with tranquility, relaxation, and well being at their doorstep.
Deep in the garden, a heated jacuzzi is crafted for a soothing and relaxing moment, fostering an intimate spot to unwind after a long day in the bustling city.

The stylish pavilion, an installation created in perfect harmony with flourishing greeneries, provides a quiet spot where Park Nova’s invigorating natural elements and artistic touch converge with outdoor activities.

The Sky Terrace on the 14th floor overlooks Singapore’s awe-inspiring skyline. From the spectacular views of sunrise in the morning to the illuminating city at night, explore the metropolitan breathtaking beauty in the comfort of home.
An ideal venue for exclusive events and private soirees, Sky Lounge elevates your leisurely pursuits to unforgettable experiences.

Sitting amidst the Sky Terrace, Park Nova’s state-of-the-art gym allows residents to fully embrace the fitness benefits while enjoying stunning views of the garden city that never sleeps.